Libra Digital Marketing

Worth a Thousand Words

When faced with a choice of two equally interesting stories, an editor will always choose the story that has the best photography. Similarly, click-through-rates on social media posts and pages that have compelling imagery will always be higher than those without.

The old cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words really do hold true – both on social media and in the press, and this is particularly true in a country as culturally diverse as Brazil.

To run effective PR campaigns here, photography should not just be seen as an optional extra or ‘nice to have’ – when well-considered and executed, it really can tell your story better than any press release or web page, and companies that understand this consistently generate better results.

Equally important, if your imagery is designed to promote your brand or product or in Brazil, it is vital that it is taken in and presents a Brazilian context rather than simply recycling international corporate shots.

If your story is about “you in Brazil” – your photography needs to reinforce that… and Brazil is not short of striking backdrops.

At Sherlock Communications, we have a network of award-winning photographers and designers to ensure that your message can be told in the most effective visual way.

At the start of any campaign, we assess your existing image portfolio and consider your target audiences (both target publications and consumers) and the differing requirements of each.