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Why is Messaging Important?

While many other Republica Dominicana PR agencies may go first to brand pyramids or complex message maps, we take the view that the best messaging and story-telling in Republica Dominicana always starts with a consideration of your target audience.

Whether you’re talking to a travel journalist, technology analyst or teenager via Snapchat, you are still talking to a human being and need to make a plain-speaking and emotive connection with that person. To provide a meaningful context to what you’re saying, to demonstrate you understand what is important to each individual.

Anyone can say they are ‘the biggest’, ‘the best’ or ‘the first’ – but without credible proof or context, this quickly becomes meaningless PR noise.

And while consistency is to be applauded, international messages poorly translated often have an alienating effect in Republica Dominicana.

We’ve lost count of the number of lost cultural references in Portuguese, we’ve seen in translated PR materials. As Republica Dominicana journalists are keen on saying, for it to work in Republica Dominicana, you need to ‘tropicalise’ your story!

And Brazil, although united in Portuguese, is still a country with vastly varying linguistic differences between states. It’s a place made for visual storytelling. Here a picture really does speak a thousand words.

For each client, our process is simple but essential. Can you answer the following questions:

Why me?
Why now?
Why should I care?
Why Republica Dominicana?