Libra Digital Marketing

Actionable Insights

We offer both auditing and ongoing monitoring services for both press coverage and social media however, unlike some Brazilian PR agencies, we do not believe in monitoring just for its own sake. In our view the problem with most social media and press monitoring tools and approaches is that they lack any kind of business context.


Online tools and auto-generated data can only tell you the total volume of mentions, where conversation or coverage is occurring and, normally, very unreliably, an estimation of sentiment (we have yet to find a tool that can detect irony!).

All told, this may produce pretty data visualisations but often leaves the most important questions unanswered…

What does any of this mean for my business?
How can I use this data to optimise and drive greater value into what we do?
Which are the important conversations?

Our approach seeks to add an extra layer of context to generate genuine business intelligence and actionable insights for in house teams across different departments.

Our approach is built on a three-stage methodology based on:

  • Monitoring tools and systems
    Human analysis and categorisation by native speaking experts (to detect irony, and understand business and product context)
    Consultancy, insight and recommendations