Validity’s takeover of MailCharts gives users more competitive data

Validity’s takeover of MailCharts gives users more competitive data

Email marketing and data company Validity has acquired ecommerce platform MailCharts and will integrate the competitive data it provides into Validity’s Everest email platform.

What it does. MailCharts curates historical and competitive data on brands, informing marketers about how competitors, and their own campaigns, run into trouble with sender reputation, deliverability, inbox placement and clicks. The MailCharts will plug into Validity’s integrated Everest platform.

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Why we care. Activation of data is crucial in the email channel for personalization, improved service and overall CX. The data has to be integrated, along with the tools that activate it. Adding competitive insights can make marketers more confident in their own campaigns. And for ecommerce brands in a digital-first environment, the right time means the time to buy now online.

In 2019, Validity acquired email deliverability company Return Path and completed a similar integration of services. With MailCharts, now they’re even more one-stop for email marketing capabilities.

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