New Mailchimp integration automatically syncs customer data with Stripe

New Mailchimp integration automatically syncs customer data with Stripe

Mailchimp has launched a new integration with Stripe offering SMBs the opportunity to sync Stripe data — such as subscriptions, refunds, or payments — and use that information to create more effective email offerings.

What it does. The new feature builds on a previous integration allowing users to connect Stripe with their Mailchimp stores and/or landing pages and seamlessly accept payments. Now, this has been streamlined, so customer information is automatically synchronized between the two apps. As a result it will be easier and faster for marketers to use that data when creating email marketing campaigns. 

Use cases include:

  • Create behavior-based email journeys based on customer interactions that happen within Stripe.
  • Automate targeted messages when customers make a purchase, i.e. sending a discount code to encourage repeat buying.
  • Build personalized email journeys using the latest data from Stripe such as new subscribers, refunds, and payments.

Why we care. To be blunt: The economy is getting rockier. As a result, SMBs need marketing to be more efficient and effective to keep customers coming in the physical and virtual door. And they need to do this while keeping any budget increases to a bare minimum.

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