Why isn’t my fabulous content attracting quality links?

Why isn’t my fabulous content attracting quality links?

If you’ve ever built links, you know how difficult and tedious a process it can be. It’s great when the stars align and everything works out perfectly, but those instances are rare and getting rarer.

Inboxes are flooded with unsolicited emails, and spam is at an all-time high. You may run into issues with client guidelines that seem unrealistic, or the person you’re pitching your content to may just be having a bad day.

What’s a good link builder to do? How do you get someone’s attention and promote your fabulous content when everyone is trying to do the same?

Let’s break down the main aspects of a link-building outreach campaign and examine ways and resources to help get your emails opened and responded to.


The number one issue with getting good links is good content. Good content can make or break your link building. If you don’t have good content, getting links is ten times more difficult than if you have something unique and valuable to offer.

I feel that also holds true even if you’re buying links, unless you’re working with sites that only exist to sell links and ads. Many webmasters are becoming increasingly reluctant to link out to anything other than quality content that is useful for their readers.

I’ve worked on many campaigns with poor content or nothing to offer other than a sales or product page, and the conversion rate for those campaigns is significantly lower than it is when we’re able to offer great content resources. We’ve seen some campaigns with 80-90 percent conversions when we offered unique how-to guides or guides with video.

Here are a few roadblocks I’ve come up against when managing a content outreach program and ways to get around them.


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