Your marketing stack is more like Frankenstein than Voltron

If you’re like other companies, your marketing stack is a hodgepodge. You have a CRM from one vendor, an email marketing tool from another vendor, and a CMS from another. You may even have something you developed in-house and a number of other smaller applications or plug-in modules that perform simple tasks.

The typical marketing stack often ends up as a morass of code from different computing generations and languages. If this setup sounds familiar, you may be used to telling yourself, “it works, but it’s not pretty.”

How much does your Frankenstein Marketing Stack (or FrankenStack) affect the way you do your job? Even in the best case-scenario, a clunky kluge of barely-cooperating software is going to sap your productivity and cause you to expend unnecessary work hours. In the worst-case scenario, your FrankenStack might be mangling your valuable data and scaring customers away.

So, does this really have to be true? How did we get to this point? And, more importantly, how can we fix this? Download “Your Marketing Stack Is More Like Frankenstein Than Voltron,” from Mautic, to learn more.