LinkedIn’s ‘Interest Targeting’ lets advertisers target ads based on users’ professional interests

LinkedIn’s ‘Interest Targeting’ lets advertisers target ads based on users’ professional interests

LinkedIn announced on Wednesday a new “Interest Targeting” feature in Campaign Manager that will allow advertisers to target ads to the platform’s audience members based on their professional interests and topics. Advertisers can choose from more than 200 professional topics, including artificial intelligence, global economy and customer experience.

The latest feature falls in line with LinkedIn’s move last November to re-orient Campaign Manager by enabling an objective-based campaign workflow.

Why advertisers should care

LinkedIn’s latest feature for Campaign Manager brings a new level of ad targeting to the platform. With more than 200 professional topics available, advertisers can target ads to users based on the content they have shared and engaged with on the platform.

Digitas UK, which had early access to Interest Targeting, reports it saw a 25 percent increase in click-through rates in campaigns using the new feature.

“This, combined with the Carousel Ads, has without doubt helped us and our work to achieve a much higher CTR when compared to other platform use,” said Digitas UK senior paid social specialist Lloyd Palmer.

Matt Campbell, a multi-channel marketing specialist with SAS Institute says his company has used it for brand awareness campaigns and is “extremely satisfied” with results so far.

More on the Interest Targeting feature

  • Interest Targeting is being rolled out to all advertisers over the next week; more information about the feature can be found on the platform’s help center.
  • LinkedIn highlights how advertisers running ABM campaigns can use Interest Targeting to “deepen their influence” with the buyer committees for targeted accounts: “Now you can kick it up a notch by using account targeting along with Interest Targeting to reach an audience of potential buyers.”
  • This is the latest update to LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager after a complete overhaul of the platform last July.

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