Adobe Target testing tool gets improved personalization capabilities, reports

Adobe Target testing tool gets improved personalization capabilities, reports

Adobe Target A/B testing screen.

Adobe Target, a marketing tool used to perform A/B and multivariate testing to optimize digital experiences, is getting a number of new updates. Adobe announced on Wednesday the platform now includes an AI-powered “weighted relevance” algorithm for improved personalized recommendations, enhanced reporting tools and a new version of its “Personalization Maturity Model” solution.

Personalized recommendations via a “weighted relevance” algorithm. Adobe Target will now include a “weighted relevance” algorithm that employs profile-matching and relevancy weighting capabilities to enable marketers to deliver more personalized recommendations.

“Recommendations are one of the most powerful personalization tools that marketers can use to increase sales and customer engagement. Yet scaling personalized recommendations to a variety of audiences is a consistent challenge,” said Adobe in its announcement. The company says its newly-updated algorithm will go beyond traditional product use cases, delivering more personalized recommendation results.

Adobe Target “weighted relevance” algorithm.

New Personalization Insights Reports. Adobe Target’s Personalization Insights Report shows how the platform’s automated personalization and auto-target algorithms are performing. The newly-updated reports will now be able to show actual relative conversion and revenue lists resulting from Adobe Target algorithms.

“For example, a marketer for an airline will be able to see the relative conversion and revenue lift that each offer or recommendations carousel is delivering above the default mobile page or app screen,” writes Adobe in its announcement. “This informs better optimizations for audience-level and individual experiences with guidance from machine-learning insights.”

Adobe Target Personalization Maturity Model 2.0. Adobe is introducing the next version of its Personalization Maturity Model, making it available to all marketers, not just Adobe Target users. The “self-assessment” tool measures the effectiveness of a marketer’s personalization efforts. Adobe Target Personalization Maturity Model 2.0 offers a detailed report that includes suggestions around governance, process and expansion use cases. Adobe said it has also updated language and suggestions to support “greater speed and scale.”

Why you should care. Adobe reports half of the 1,000 U.S. consumers it surveyed in December of 2018 said they were more likely to be loyal to a brand that delivered personalized experiences. The same survey revealed more than one-third of the consumers claimed they “constantly or frequently” receive non-personalized branded content. Adobe’s survey demonstrates how brands that fail to personalize content are missing an opportunity with consumers more likely to be brand-loyal when a company delivers personalized experiences.

With these latest updates, Adobe Target is aiming to rectify this challenge for marketers via its testing tool — offering a platform that can help fine-tune personalization tactics and offer recommendations. And it’s not reserved only to Adobe Target users. The latest version of the Personalization Maturity Model report is available to all marketers, offering insight into personalization performance and benchmarks.

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