Successful marketing teams attend MarTech

Successful marketing teams attend MarTech

Exceptional modern marketing depends on blending talents and capabilities of many individuals and departments: tech, design, sales, customer support, management, and more. But senior-level marketers like you have told us that’s not always a given…

“We speak different languages.”
“We have different expectations.”
“We have different definitions of the customer.”
“We work on different time frames.”
“We have competing priorities.”
“Our systems, tools, and processes aren’t integrated.”

Sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to get diverse teams on the same page or feeling out of sync with your colleagues, attend MarTech® September 16-18 in Boston.

Traveling, learning, and networking together bonds teams with common vocabulary, increased morale, and a singular vision of success.

Register now for up to 20% off on-site rates and a value-packed program, including:

  • Case studies. Senior-level marketers from successful SMBs and enterprise brands will share first-hand insights on how to overcome organizational, interpersonal, and compliance issues that make or break marketing technology implementations.
  • Market-defining exhibitors. The Expo Hall is packed with vendors ready to demo solutions and products that can enhance your martech stack. The Discover MarTech theater is the place to learn how to evaluate, negotiate, and buy marketing technologies.
  • Networking. You and your crew will connect with a thriving community of like-minded marketers and meet others who have solved the same problems you face. Create lasting memories while sharing ideas, talking shop, and exchanging valuable advice.

Send more, save more

Register now for access to all sessions, keynotes, networking, and amenities — hot breakfasts and lunches, snacks all day, and free WiFi. The best part? The more you send, the greater your savings:

  • 3-5 save 10%
  • 6-11 save 15%
  • 12 or more save 20%

To reserve your seats, just complete this form and send it back to our registration team.

See you in Boston!

Psst… Coming solo? Book your pass now to enjoy up to $900 off on-site rates.