Facebook rolls out automated lead generation feature for Messenger to all advertisers

Facebook rolls out automated lead generation feature for Messenger to all advertisers

Facebook is releasing its automated lead generation feature for Messenger, which was first announced in May to all advertisers. The new offering allows businesses to create an automated question and answer experience within Messenger that launches via Facebook’s click-to-Messenger ads for Facebook News Feed.

Here’s how it works: when a user clicks a “Send Message” button in a click-to-Messenger ad within their Facebook News Feed, it launches an automated chat in Messenger between the business and customer.

Advertisers can integrate the lead generation tool with a CRM platform, and also have the ability to continue conversations with customers via the company’s Facebook Page Inbox, the Pages Manager app or a third-party live chat solution.

Why we should care

According to a recent consumer survey conducted by Drift (an online chat solution provider) and SurveyMonkey, 42% of the people polled said they expect a response via an online chatbot within five seconds of sending a message. By integrating an automated lead generation feature that connects to a CRM platform into its click-to-Messenger ads, Facebook is helping brands respond quickly to customer inquiries and streamlining communication with customers on the platform.

Businesses that had early access to the Messenger lead gen tool reported a measurable increase in qualified leads. RIFT Tax, a UK-based financial services company, used the platform in a campaign targeting Armed Forces members and drove a 42% increase in leads, with an 18% higher lead resolve rate via Messenger compared to phone conversations.

RIFT Tax also reported a less than 10-minute lead response time. “We’re putting forward a business case to add Facebook Messenger to our mix of channels for lead acquisition and to further develop using Facebook Messenger as a communication channel throughout the customer journey,” said RIFT Tax Senior Paid Digital Performance Manager Alicia Urunsak.

More on the news

  • Facebook’s click-to-Messenger ads, that integrate with Messenger’s automated lead generation tool, can be created in the messages objective within Facebook Ads Manager.
  • The new lead gen tool includes a feature that automatically sends a reminder to leads who haven’t responded to the questions.
  • The automated lead generation platform for Messenger rolled out globally on Thursday to all Facebook advertisers.

Via: www.marketingland.com