Solutions and Services

The relationship with the media may be intangible, but the work of a good public relations agency generates positive coverage of the publications.

Our extensive and diversified contact list has the perfect influencers to work with your brand.

Our experience and expertise in SEO and costly research ensure that our clients' brands are on the rise so that they are easily found.

Differentiating from the common in events can be a difficult task. Contact us so we can use our experience and contacts to provide you with a successful event.

Our list contains outstanding photographers and access to privileged sites, which makes our Production Services unmatched.

Linear TV is a real-time television service that broadcasts scheduled programs, conventionally over the air or through satellite/cable, not streamed to a specific user. Nearly, all broadcast television services count as linear TV.

Strategic planning tactics are thought of as a bridge to help your company achieve clear and measurable results.

Content Marketing is used in a way that is aimed at helping customers transform potential customers into real customers - with amazing results!

Our dynamic internal communication approaches try to connect and engage the team in the company where they work.

Instead of simply monitoring the coverage and producing statistics that make no sense, we choose to generate actionable market intelligence from online control.

Using photography effectively can contribute to the success of a story or destroy it. We will evaluate your portfolio and maximize your potential to convey messages efficiently.

White label products, we generally refer to products that are sold under an unrecognized brand, little recognized, with a simple packaging and design whose price and quality is relatively lower than the leading brands in the market.

Transmitting consistent and concise messages can be a challenge in several languages, but we can turn it into something in your favor to get attractive results.

Using social media, our specialists recommend customers the most appropriate approach to achieve online success.

The truth is that sometimes, everything does not happen as one had planned. Our extensive crisis management planning methods are raising the pattern among public relations agencies.

Sherlock Communications not only estimates data. Our custom web analysis tools provide a solid foundation for an extremely effective marketing campaign.

You can see that our business translation services not only translate, but also evaluate and adapt linguistic subtleties according to the communication context.